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The World Union of Meretz


The World Union of Meretz (WUM) is an umbrella organization that directs the activities of different movements and organizations around the world that are connected to the political party Meretz in Israel. As such, the WUM acts as the representative of progressive Zionism and progressive Judaism in the diaspora and holds strong ties with the Hashomer Hatzair World Movement. Our representatives are active all around the world on issues related to progressive Zionism, progressive Judaism, the peace process, and local social and political struggles.

Within Israel particularly but in other countries as well, our movement is a significant supporter of human rights within the State of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, campaigns for full civil rights for all citizens (including Israeli Arab citizens, women, LGBT, pensioners…), shares concern on environmental and animal welfare issues, and most importantly, strongly supports an open peace process between Palestinians and Israelis for a two-state solution.

The World Union of Meretz is represented at the world Zionist Congress and representation is determined by the faction key and depends on the size of the congress. The World Union is also represented at the “Hava’ad Hapoel” that assembles once every year. The World Union of Meretz has additional representation during the general assembly of the JNF. Furthermore, The World Union of Meretz is represented by position holders for the national institutions.

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