(Hebrew) ראשת מרצ, תמר זנדברג

Tamar Zandberg
MK Tamar Zandberg is a human and women’s rights activist and one of the leaders of the campaign to introduce public transportation on Shabbat in Israel. Before entering parliament, she served as a member of Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality City Council. MK Zandberg lives in Tel Aviv and has one daughter. She is a member of the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, and initiated and leads the Lobby for Encouraging and Improving Public Sustainable Transportation, and the Urban Lobby. She also serves as chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Israel Beaches.
Among MK Zandberg’s political activities and roles:
• a prominent activist in the campaign to preserve natural resources against financial tycoons and the campaign to revoke the special confidentiality enjoyed by the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company.
• One of the leaders of the campaign for animal rights, including protection and improvement of their living conditions. MK Zandberg submitted a private member’s bill proposing vegan meal options should be included in the workplace.
• As a women’s rights activist took part in various campaigns, including Women of the Wall, fighting distribution of sex workers’ ads, and against the return of Natan Eshel to public service.
• Submitted various private member’s bills which include: obligation to implement a public transport scheme as part of neighbourhood planning; the levy of tax on “ghost home” owners; abolition of beach entrance fees and draft of legislation on the prevention of police violence; and a draft against mandatory collection of biometric data.
• Member of the Joint Science and Internal Affairs and Environment Committee on Biometric Identification.
• Leader of the campaign for cannabis legalisation putting an end to the arrests of cannabis users.