(Hebrew) עיסאוי פריג’

Issawi Frej
MK Issawi Frej is 51 years old, lives in Kafr Qasim with his wife Nihaiya and has seven children. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a B.A in accounting and economics, and is an accountant. He has been a member of Meretz (and Ratz) for 25 years.
MK Frej has been politically active in the following roles and activities:
• Served as a member of the 19th Knesset in the economy, education and culture committees, as well as a stand-in representative in the Finance Committee and in the special committee established for the legislation of the new Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation.
• Chairman of the Lobby for Sport.
• Submitted a private member’s bill to incorporate the Arabic language as an integral part of the national school syllabus.
• Campaigned to oblige public institutions to invest at least 10% of their publicity budget in publications in the Arabic language.
• Drafted legislation obligating the Israel Broadcasting Authority to represent various discourses of Arab society in its broadcasts.
• Submitted a private member’s bill mandating that compensation for victims of the “price tag policy” will be at a comparable level to that granted to victims of terror acts.
• Filed a motion (along with Adv. Gabi Leski) to the High Court of Justice against the appointment of the racist rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu to the role of Chief Rabbi of Israel.
• Initiated the “Kiruv Levavot” legislation mandating biannual meetings between pupils of different religions.
• Promoted the establishment of the centre for the heritage of Arab society in Israel.