(Hebrew) מוסי רז

Mossi Raz
MK Mossi Raz is married to Yael, is a father of two, and lives in Shoham.
MK Raz’s has been politically active in the following:
• served as an MK on behalf of Meretz between the years 2000-2003. MK Raz was a member of the Finance Committee and Internal Affairs and Environment Committee.
• Legislated, among others, an amendment to the Military Justice Law 5715-1955 to include prohibition on sexual harassment, and the Representation of Environmental Public Bodies Law (Legislative Amendments) in 2002.
• Chairman of Bizchut – The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities.
• Chairman of the board of Life and Environment – the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs.
• Chairman of the Peace Now NGO.
• Founder and director of the All for Peace radio station.
• Former secretary general of the Peace Now NGO and deputy secretary general of Givat Haviva.