(Hebrew) זהבה גלאון

Zehava Gal-on
MK Zehava Gal-on has been the leader of Meretz since 2012. She resides with her husband, Pesach, in Petah Tikva, and has two children and one grandchild.
Among her political achievements and activities, MK Gal-on:
• Introduced into law unprecedented legislation effecting comprehensive prohibition on human trafficking.
• Drafted and closely followed into legislation the 18th amendment to the Companies Law 5759-1999, whereby a court approval of the debt restructuring agreements between public companies and their debtors was made mandatory. This amendment successfully addressed prevalent misappropriation of public pension funds by financial tycoons.
• As a dedicated proponent of gender equality, spearheads legislation which calls for, among others: equal representation of women in positions of power, harsher punishment of perpetrators of domestic abuse, improvement of the financial situation of victims of domestic abuse, and protection of the privacy of sexual assault victims.
• Taken part in various campaigns, including: against the raising of the retirement age for women; for direct employment in the public sector; for the criminalisation of sex workers’ clients; and for the abolition of the pregnancy termination committees.
• In the last few years works from within the Knesset’s Finance Committee to dismantle the concentration of control in the economy and corruptive and corrupting crony capitalism, a work for which Gal-on has won the Movement for Quality Government in Israel award in 2014, as well as the Ometz award in 2012.
• Appealed for the declassification of the secret 1391 detention facility, applied her parliamentary immunity in order to expose the “Prisoner X” affair and to combat the practice of secret detentions. She also visited detention centres and published reports on the conditions therein while fighting to improve them.
• Received the 2009 award of the Aguda – Israel’s LGTB Task Force.