YMY : The Emerging Generation of the Israeli Left

YMY is the young organization of the Meretz-Yachad party – the Israeli Social-Democratic party.

The organization has 6200 registered members from ages 18-35. It operates in 7 regional branches. The student organization of YMY is active on all major campuses in Israel.
Our aim is to be the Avant-Garde of the Israeli left and to rejuvenate it.

Our Fields of Operations:
 Social Economic Issues
 Education
 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Human Rights
 Green Issues
 Jewish Identity & Relations between State and Religion
 Jewish & Arab Coexistence in Israel
 Gay and Lesbian Rights
 Young Local Leadership
 Student Affairs
 International Relations with Sister Organizations
Each field of action has an Action Group devoted to it within the YMY.

Our Methods:
 Demonstrations and Rallies
 Seminars
 Lobby Groups
 Media Activity
 Task Forces

YMY is the first organization of a political party in Israel to have a minimum 50% representation of women.

Elected Leadership:

Uri Zaki (33), Chairman of YMY (elected 2005). Born in Haifa. Law Degree (LL.B), Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Former adviser to Yossi Beilin; Participant in the Geneva Accord team. Former Assitant to the Minister of Justice. Former Chairman of RA`ASH – Israeli Student Movement for Peace. In 2008 Uri was the first ever Young Meretz to be elected as Vice President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY. uri@myparty.org.il

Hagit Ofran (33), Chair of the YMY Council Presedium(elected 2005). Born in Jerusalem. Director of the Settlement Watch, Peace Now. Formerly Assistant to Israeli Minister of Justice, Dr. Yossi Beilin. Board member in Keshev – “Center for Protection of Democracy”. Board member “House of Wheels” – welfare organization for disabled people. Member of Gvanim – program for promoting pluralistic Jewish leadership.     

Dror Morag (29), Chair of YMY National Board & International Secretary Dror has a degree in International Affairs and Middle East Studies, Hebrew University. Dror was elected in 2006 as the youngest ever Secretary General of the World Union of Meretz, and the party's International Secretary. Head of the Out Door Educational Department in Ramah movement in Wisconsin, USA – The Conservative Jewish movement.He is the director of the field opperations department in the Geneva Accord organization. . dror@myparty.org.il

Maya Crabtree (27) Chairman of Meretz Students. Maya is a graduate student of Political Science in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Formerly Chairperson of the Meretz Student Gorup in the University. Maya was the coordinator of the Youth voters' campaign in the succesful campaign of Yael German for mayor of the city of Herzlya. Maya is a graduate of the Meretz youth movement, and was a guide in it. mayacrabtree@yahoo.com


Nimrod Barnea (22) International SecretaryNimrod recently finished his military service, as a first-sergrnt in the Education corpus. Before his service Nimrod had numerous political postions and activities. He was Chairman of the Meretz Youth movement, a member of the exacutive board of the Meretz Tel Aviv branch -Meretz's biggest branch . Nimrod is one of the youngest ever elected members of Meretz's Exacutive Board. nimrodbarnea@gmail.com